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Navigating Domestic Travel During COVID-19

As everyone knows, COVID-19 restricted travel worldwide for several months in order to mitigate the spread of the virus. However, as travel bans lifted, it was determined that we should take a brief trip domestically in order to gauge how to navigate travel during these unprecedented times.

It is important to note that this trip was taken relatively soon after domestic travel bans were lifted in certain states. Nevada lifted their ban on May 29th, 2020; and Virginia lifted their ban on June 12th, 2020. This trip was taken from July 11th-14th of 2020. At this point, planes were sparsely seated, and social distancing was easy to secure. Temperature checks were required, and security required social distancing between traveling parties. It is possible and highly likely that travel traffic has increased significantly since this trip was taken.

We took several precautions in order to protect ourselves from potential contamination. Not satisfied with merely obeying the mask mandate on the airline, we also brought antibacterial wipes in order to wipe down our seats, tray tables, and windows before getting settled. Afterward, we sprayed antibacterial gel on our hands to further sanitize ourselves. We used our copper touch tools to prevent us from touching surfaces unnecessarily.

While the travel to our destination felt safe and sanitary, we were extremely impressed the with precautions that the city of Las Vegas had in place for COVID-19. There were roving security personnel who were also tasked with ensuring that everyone wore their masks correctly. If the mask was placed below the nose or chin, security would immediately request that it was placed correctly or the offender was removed from the premises. Cleaning and sanitizing were being done almost constantly. There were people stationed at the escalators, and they sanitized the hand rail. When people used machines on the casino floor, they were cleaned by resort staff after people left them. There were antibacterial gel stations positioned by the doors and throughout each resort. Fremont St. required temperature checks in order to enter any of their casinos, and masks were required outside as well. We felt the mandates in place were sound and ensured the safety of all visitors.

Upon our return to Virginia, we quarantined for two weeks, and wore masks in our house to ensure that we did not potentially spread the virus to family members or friends. All-in-all we felt secure during our brief travel and appreciated the efforts put forth by both our local airport and the city of Las Vegas to protect their citizens and travelers from COVID-19.

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